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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Post# 266 - Buffalo Wild Wings and the 15 Minute Scramble - 4/16/2011

I sent this after a less-than-stellar lunch visit to a local Buffalo Wild Wings, 0m 4/16/2011:

Dear BW3,

Yesterday, Franz, and I both ordered your 10 piece traditional wings lunch meal.   Stop watch starts.

Our food comes at .  Franz’s and my traditional wings came out boneless.  We politely mentioned this to our server, who checked our ticket and took them back. 

As the clock passed , we discussed how we could be eating our wings if the order hadn’t been botched.  We wondered what became of the tasty looking boneless wings.

As the clock struck , she approached.  She was either barely on time, or a second late.  I would’ve felt like a heel disputing it, especially if it affected her rating.  Many of my wings seemed hastily spun-- as if the BW3 team rallied to avoid yet another “” and the server’s rating was hanging in the balance.  Your stopwatch did me a disservice.  I ate sub par wings, and had to pay for them.

So I ask: 
1) What is done with “error” food?  Is it a crime to leave it?  Do they eat it back in the kitchen like hungry bears, donate it, or serve it to some other schlep?

2)  If the second batch only took , why do you need in the first place? 

2) When does the watch stop— is it when the plate hits the table?

3)  If a server hits , are they “marked down?”  Any God-fearing Christian won’t feel good knowing he’s trading someone’s livelihood for his free wings.

4) Given the way my wings were hastily spun, can we agree that maybe the ticking clock is a distraction, and one for which I paid the ultimate price?


Buffalo Wild Wings' Response, via mail, dated 4/22/2011
Dear Jerry,
Thank you for informing us of the problem you encountered with your most recent visit to our Buffalo Wild Wings in XXXXXXXX.  We would like to apologize about the experience you received regarding your latest visit with us; our goal at Buffalo Wild Wings is to always exceed our guests’ expectations, not fall short of them.  I do appreciate your business and want you to continue to be one of our valuable customers.  With that in mind, please accept these complimentary gift certificates and allow us another opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations.
To answer your questions from your email:
       1)      Unfortunately, any food that has reached a Guest’s table is discarded.
2)      15 minutes is our safety net.  If a meal takes 5 minutes to cook or 15 minutes depends on volume of business.
3)      The stop watch is stopped as soon as the Team Member who runs the food reaches the table and stops the watch.
4)      A onetime instance does not go on a Team Member’s file, if one particular Team Member has an on-going issue with stop watches exceeding the 15 minute mark documentation is then filled out.
5)      I agree that you did pay the ultimate price on our Marketing program for lunches.  As stated above, I have included complimentary certificates for you in this letter.
We appreciate hearing from our guests about all aspects of our business, both good and bad.  Again, thank you for your business and your time.  If you have any further comments concerning our restaurant, please don’t hesitate to contact the number listed below.


General Management
Buffalo Wild Wings
Team Location XXXXXXXX

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