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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post # 100 - Handi Foil Poultry Pan Adhesive Booger - 2/9/2010

Handi-Foil aluminum pans are made in the US.  They're a great product, and I was impressed with their response to my letter.
Dear Handi-Foil,

I purchased your 3-pack of aluminum foil poultry pans for my family Superbowl gathering. The label said “Made in the USA. It made me feel proud. The dimensions were perfect for my chicken.

When I peeled back the Handi-Foil label, I noticed a big booger. The booger resembled the rubber cement boogers that we all engineered on our desks during 5th Grade Social Studies. For a moment, I envisioned that booger adhering itself to the chicken that I was roasting. I then pictured the elder member of the family, Grandma Egselad, ingesting this object and being rushed off to the hospital. Oh how the sisters would gossip, pinning blame on me for years to come. “He killed her. She survived five wars and the Great Depression, only to die from his chicken booger.”

I used the peeling skills that I had learned back then and averted what could have been a big catastrophe. But it raises a bunch of questions, none of which are addressed on your site’s FAQ section.

1) What is that thing doing in there? Did a worker have a runny nose?
2) Is it safe?
3) Has the Food and Drug Administration bought off on that?
4) What if someone didn’t see it, and later ingested it?
5) Your site said the pans are Kosher-approved. What about the pan plus booger?
If the booger is actually adhesive, would it make more sense to put the label on the bottom side? Or, adhere the label with something less booger-like? Or maybe stamp the pertinent details into the bottom.

If it’s not adhesive, maybe give your workers boxes of Kleenex, and possibly a booger break.


Scott's reply, sent 2/1/2010

Dear Jerry,

Thank you for purchasing Handi-foil. We appreciate you writing to us about your observation with the Poultry Pan packaging. I will address each of your questions in the order you presented them.

1. The “booger” you observed was not from a human nose. It was indeed a small piece of the Hot Melt Adhesive the we use to adhere product labels to the foil pans. We have strict Food Manufacturing policies that apply across our production lines. There is no human interaction anywhere between the application of the adhesive inside the pan and when a label is applied. Rest assured, no one had a runny nose on the production line. While most products emerge with only the intended dollop of adhesive, occasionally the nozzle that applies the adhesive will drip a little extra resulting in what you described.

2. The Hot Melt Adhesive that is used is FDA approved and is safe for contact with food.

3. As stated in #2 above, the adhesive used is FDA approved and is safe for contact with food.

4. We don’t recommend that anyone eat the adhesive, but as stated in #2 and #3, the adhesive is FDA approved.

5. Yes, the pans plus the adhesive are considered Kosher together.

6. Labels are always applied inside the pans due to merchandising constraints.

7. The adhesive used is the most efficient and most easily removed from the products. Other adhesive options are sub-optimal.

8. Certain pertinent details, like UPC bar codes, cannot be stamped and subsequently scanned at the register.

I hope that these answers have addressed all of the questions you raised. Handi-foil is committed to the safety of our consumers and our products. That’s how we’ve been able to serve America for over 25 years.


Handi-foil Corporation

To: Scott
Subject: RE: Question
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 21:41:57 -0500


This is all great info. Thanks for being a good sport through my Booger Inquisition.

Your tins are perfect for what I do. Keep up the good work!

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  1. What a great response from the company. One of the best you've gotten, I would say.

  2. I would whole heartedly agree. I decided I needed to add a little endorsement at the top.

    I like when people don't shy away like that.

  3. Wow you really are an idiot. Did you really think you were going to catch this billion dollar corporation labeling their products with a non-FDA approved adhesive, considering they practically wrote the book on disposable baking pans? Nice try. I hope you know the reply was really making fun of your ignorance. FAIL.

  4. Zidane, thanks for setting the record straight. I didn't know there was a book about disposable baking pans, and I didn't know that you were an expert. Disposable baking pans are obviously something that you feel very strongly about, and I obviously crossed some invisible line. I'm sorry for trespassing. Enjoy your continued late night web searches about disposable baking pans.

    Thanks for reading.

    PS--"Fail" never gets old. It always sounds as original as it did when people started saying it.