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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Post # 114 - Colonel Conk and My Handlebar Mustache Question - 2/28/2010

Dear Colonel Conk,

Society is peppered with handle bar mustache guys. I’ve seen:

• Church Handlebar Mustache Guy

• Upscale Restaurant Handlebar Mustache Guy

• Bingo Tent Handlebar Mustache Guy

• Street Fair Wood Carver Handlebar Mustache Guy

• Train Club Handlebar Mustache Guy.
Each looks timeless and distinguished. Each looks equal parts fantastic and magnificent. I want in. I’m ready to become Newly Single Handlebar Mustache Guy.

I have purchased your Colonel Conk Model 118 Moustache Wax, and am thrilled to death. I have a question though. How does one handle the transition period between Standard Mustache Guy and Handlebar Mustache Guy? I’m assuming I need to grow her a little longer on the outsides (Fu Manchu-style), to create the “meat” (if you will) of the handlebar. If so, how do I do so without looking like something that might scurry out from under a rock?

Please advise. I want to join the club ASAP!


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