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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Post# 188 - Whirlpool Craptastic Valve and Customer Service

I sent this to Whirlpool on 3/20/2011. 

Dear Whirlpool,

Three years ago, my father, who lives outside Phoenix, was in the market for a new hot water heater.  He wavered between brands.  I convinced him to buy a Whirlpool.  As a Michigan resident, I know that Whirlpool is based in Michigan, and I wanted to support Michigan businesses.

My father spent more for a Whirlpool.  He spent $909 for his hot water heater, and felt that he made a good purchase.

Here is the problem.  Hot water heaters need to be drained periodically.  My dad’s water is high in lime, so three times a year, he must open the valve, remove the gunk, and close the valve.  The problem is, you equipped his $909 hot water heater with a craptastic fifty-nine cent plastic valve that doesn’t even have a handle.

Three times a year, my dad has to dig out a screw driver and insert into a tiny slot, and crank it.  After three years (twelve service operations), the valve started leaking.  The valve was a piece of crap.

My dad probably spent $10 on a nice brass design with a ball valve and a handle.  The valve is much, much more durable, and much, much easier to handle.  In doing so, he won’t have to call another service rep out to fix his hot water heater.

I guess my point in writing is, my Dad did it right.  Why didn’t you?  If lime build-up is the Achilles heal of a hot water heater, and you designed the Achilles heal out of crapper-ware plastic, didn’t you cut corners and sell my dad short?

I’m embarrassed for recommending Whirlpool, a company with Michigan ties, to my father in Arizona.  You should be ashamed.  I know I am.


Sidenote: their website required me to "choose a product" and enter model # and serial #.  The site doesn't, however, provide "Gas Hot Water Heater" as an option.  So I selected "washer."

Regardless, No Reply.
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