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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Post # 185 - Wendy's and Her Father's Day Event

I sent this on 6/13/2011:

Dear Wendy’s,

I just wanted to give you a hug and a pat on the back.  Thanks for acknowledging Father’s day with something other than a sale of items that you’d have on sale anyway.  This Sunday,  I’m going to have a great excuse/reason to pull the family truckster through the Wendy’s Drive-thru.  You’re donating  50 cents from each Frosty purchased to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.
Here’s the deal.  Everyone makes a huge deal about Mother’s day, and justifiably so.  Mothers are very important.  There are promotions, beautiful brunches, boxes of jewelry, and lots of sales on things Mom would want.  Teachers in grade schools spend lots of time with the kids, creating little masterpieces.  Mother’s Day is a big deal.
Then Father’s Day comes along.  There might be a sale at Lowes on some nails and fertilizer.  Maybe a sale at Kohl’s on a dress shirt and crappy striped tie so Daddy can look nice on his big day.  That’s about the extent of it.
 And here’s the kicker—people complain about a lack of strong male role models.  Kids grow up without dads.  And maybe those dads were destined to be dooshes anyway, but couldn’t society help a little by throwing Daddy a bone here or there?  Couldn’t we all make Father’s Day a little more of a big deal?
Nobody expects Father’s Day to be equal to Mother’s Day because a) a happy Mom makes a happy home, and b) we’re all still recovering from Mother’s Day. 
Your event reminds us of the importance of adoption, and also on the importance of being a good dad.  I believe Dave would be proud.
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  1. This is a great letter. Finally a good Fathers' Day promotion.

  2. Thanks Tammy! Thanks Justin!

    For some reason, this thing isn't letting me post as myself.

    Thanks for reading!