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Friday, November 27, 2009

Post # 52 - Yoplait and Their Smelly Pink Lids - November 9, 2009

Dear Yoplait,

I think it’s great that you’re offering to donate $.10 per pink yogurt lid, if we clean them off and send them in. You’ve agreed to donate at least $500K, and up to $1.5 Million. Nice work--give one another a pat on the back.

Here’s my question—what role do the lids actually have in all of this, other than raise awareness of your very noble initiative? It can be a real inconvenience—if I’m at work having a lovely Yogurt breakfast, I have to save the lid, go to the washroom, wash it off, dry it off, put it in my pocket, and remember to pull it out before I throw my pantalones into the washer. Then, I have to take all of the lids, put them in an envelope, take them out of the envelope because you can’t address the envelope legibly with the lids in there, then add the stamp—oh but postage went up and I don’t have a 3 cent stamp, so now I’m using two stamps.

What do you do with the lids? Is this also a recycling initiative? I’d bet they’re smelly by the time you receive them. Some people’s “cleaning” process is just licking them.

Bottom line: You (Yoplait) know, based on inventories and orders, how many Yogurts are purchased. Why wouldn’t you make it easier on everyone and say “We’ll donate $0.10 per yogurt that you purchase, not to exceed $1.5 Million. Eat up, America!” Then, the act of enjoying the yogurt is the thing driving the initiative, and not the licking, saving, and mailing of smelly pink lids.


Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 12:09:53 -0600
Subject: Your Response From "General Mills" - 2009/11/11-1005 ZJC

Dear Jerry:
Thank you for contacting General Mills regarding . We appreciate the time you have taken to share your comments.  The information you provided will be shared with members of the promotion team.
Once the lids have been received and counted, they are sent to be recycled.
We hope you will continue to participate in our promotions.
Consumer Services

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