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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Post #49 - War On Spam: Rose, whose Dad I Killed With a Bow and Arrow - 7/27/2009

Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 10:46:30 -0700
From: Rose
Subject: Dear Respectful one,

Dear Respectful one,

I am totally convinced to write you in reference of the transfer of( 7.5 U S$ )to your account for onward investment (industries) in your country. Though we have not met before but I strongly believe that one has to confiding in someone to succeed sometimes in life.

There is this amount of Seven Million, five hundred thousand U.S dollars ($7.500, 000.00) which my late Father (Late Mr.T.Williams Mark) deposited for me in a and storage firm here in Abidjan before he was assassinated by some unknown hoodlums in on going political war here .

Because of recent political/civil war eructed here, I decided to invest this money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside Africa for security and political reasons.
I want you to help me to transfer this fund to your country for investment.

If you can be of assistance to me, I will be pleased to offer to you the 20% Of this total fund (indicated above).

Further details will be made known to you on confirmation of your interest to assist me .
Your urgent reply will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you and God bless.

RE: Dear Respectful one,
Sent:Mon 7/27/09 7:55 PMTo:

Dear Rose,

I'm sorry about your civil war eruction. And why shouldn't you trust me, I ask? Maybe I’m a stranger, but I’m a straight shooter!

I have some bad news, but before I reveal it, I need you to know that I am indeed interested. If, after my news, you are interested, please let me know. Consider this my confirmation.

Here is my bad news. I was handed a contract by the Masked Mad Man—a contract for $1.000.000 to take the life of one Mr. T. Williams Mark in Abidjan.

My roommates, Randy, Andy and Mandy were the other "hoodlums", and I used a bow and arrow, from 1400 kilometers away, in high wind. Mr. T. Williams Mark was sipping some Earl Grey tea at a small outdoor cafe with a business associate. They seemed to be celebrating about something—presumably the safe deposit of those funds into the storage firm.

Randy polished the arrow. Andy calculated the trajectory based on wind. Mandy gave me the most delightful Lemon Bar upon completion of the task. She used the cream cheese recipe, which adds calories, but also calcium, which is important as we get older.

Mr. T. Williams was singing the song, The Rose, by Bette Midler, when we spotted him. You should be proud--I am sure he was singing about you. As for Randy, Andy and Mandy, I've been calling them my hoodlums all day. We giggle a lot.

Rose, can you please find it in your heart to forgive me, so that we can move forward with our business arraignment? We need to move past this one, minor speed bump. As a sign of sincerity, if it’s all the same, I would accept 15% instead of the 20% that you suggested.

Please advise.


May O. Nayse

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