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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post # 43 - Letter to NHL Commissioner Bettman about Versus - 9/2/2009

Dear Mr. Bettman,

I no longer have Versus on my DirecTV, which means I can’t love Sidney Crosby from afar. There are millions of us who can’t watch Sid!

DirecTV is saying that Comcast, who owns Versus, has raised the price through the roof.

Gary, you seem like a reasonable man. What can you do? I need my Sid fix!


PS—Do you have any good recipes? Here’s one:

1 sm. box instant pudding (chocolate, vanilla, etc.)
1 c. cold milk (up to 2 1/2 c. to thin & stretch)
1 whisk per child (or spoon)
1 bowl (or mixing pitcher type bowl with spout)
1 set of ice pop molds with stick

Sid pours instant pudding into bowl. Pierre pours measured milk into bowl. Sid stirs while counting to 10. Pierre takes turn stirring while counting to 10. This goes on until mix is thoroughly mixed and everyone has had an equal number of turns. Sid’s mom may help pour into ice pop molds or invite each to pour or spoon into molds. Freeze until firm. Variation: Use 1 package vanilla pudding and 1 package chocolate pudding; mix in separate bowls. Mix flavors when pouring into molds. Freeze. You will need additional molds for 2 packages. Any extra pudding can be refrigerated instead of frozen and eaten by the adults who won't have a chance at the pudding pops.

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