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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Post #50 - From the Archive - President Clinton Versus Little Jerry Volume 2 - 2/28/1996

Dear President Clinton,

Abraham Lincoln walked ten miles out of his way to pay a customer two cents that he shorted. Washington gave socks and blankets to soldiers at Valley Forge to help them cope with the sub-zero temperatures and blustery winds. President Taft treated his entire hometown to a rousing flapjack breakfast on the Fourth of July. My third grader wrote you over a month ago requesting an autograph. No response.

I can remember reading that President Kennedy shook your hand. How did that contact with such a high profile figure affect you? Did it make you think about…entering politics? My son has the natural gumption to excel in politics. He has the creativity, the ability to make decisions, and the people skills to do it. That third grade mind could one day save our God-forsaken country. But since you’ve not replied, Jerry has taken to bed wetting.

Maybe Jerry offended you with his “Tax the Homeless” idea. Jerry’s father had a long talk with him about how we can’t treat the homeless as outcasts. They spent a Saturday at a shelter. I think he got the idea.

I know you’re a busy guy. I’m sure there are more difficult issues to handle, but my son looks up to you. It’ll only take five seconds. Please consider this as a favor to a boy with a heart of gold.

A Fan of the Electoral College,

Veronica Herman


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