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Friday, October 2, 2009

Post #27 - My Angry Note to NBC about JoeVision - 6/9/2009

In the past, during Stanley Cup Playoffs, the games have been televised at Joe Louis Arena. Fans could come enjoy the fan experience, eating the concessions and buying Red Wing wearables. NBC said "No" this year.

By the way, it didn't end the way it was supposed to.....

Dear NBC,

Let’s cut through all of the crap. Your decision to disallow “JoeVision” at Joe Louis Arena for tonight’s Game 6 at Joe Louis Arena is based solely on Nielson Ratings. You clearly don’t care about the fan experience, the additional revenue that this would create for Mr. Illitch, and for the City. For you, it’s the bottom line—10,000 fans watching one television doesn’t translate to rating points, even though it’s a captive audience to your coverage and sponsors.

I find this ridiculous.

First, almost anyone willing to pack into an arena is now going to go to a bar showing the game. The remaining Would-Be-Joe-Vision crowd is either a) partial to the less Pittsburgh-biased CBC coverage, or b) boycotting NBC for disallowing JoeVision. In the end, you’ve done nothing to help your own cause, and you’ve turned a captive audience of 10,000 away from your sponsors. Nice job!

And while we’re talking about your sponsors, are the Penguins one of them? I’ve never seen more unabashed love given to a team or the supposed poster child, as I’ve seen toward the Penguins or Pierre McGuire. It’s a little disgusting. I understand trying to build up the series and to “push” the stars, but even your own commentators were ribbing Pierre over his Crosby fetish. Cut it out! Give Sid some personal space!

I for one, will be happy to watch the NBC coverage. Because at some point, between the time the puck drops tonight, and the time Lidstrom hoists that Cup, someone from NBC is going to have to give Detroit some credit. It may be hidden between the “This Pittsburgh team is young—they’ll be up and coming” comments. It’ll be fun watching Pierre choke back that lump in his throat.



cc: Mr. Illitch


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