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Monday, October 12, 2009

Post # 33 - Asking Dr. Phil for Help - 9/11/2009

Dear Doctor Phil

I need your help. Every night, as I fall asleep, I have a recurring nightmare. In this dream, I'm a very, very tiny man. I wonder if my "tiny-ness" relates back to an inferiority complex that I have. This may stem from failed relationships in my past. It may also have to do with my being "pee shy"--something that was magnified in the highly trafficked "trough" style urinals at the old Tiger Stadium. I confronted those fears by purchasing one of those troughs, which now graces my basement lavatory.

In my dream, I seem to run back and fourth (never really moving forward), at a hectic pace. My fast paced lifestyle as an interior and exterior decorator may be the culprit here. The Mrs. keeps telling me to just pick one or the other. I like coordinating wall colors and trims, carpets, and window dressings. I also like designing landscaping and gardens.

In my dream, I live in field, surrounded by mushrooms. The mushrooms seem enormous--they're as big as me. That actually makes them normal size--if you recall, I'm tiny in this recurring dream. Why mushrooms? Perhaps because they're my favorite pizza topping. Perhaps this part is due to my lawn which, at times, is covered with them. Or it may be all of the hallucinogenic mushrooms that I enjoyed back in the 1970's. I'm clean now. Don't do drugs.

Also, in my dream, giant, lengthy bugs keep chasing me. I "deal" with these bugs by shooting them. Often, in my life, I confront challenges very abruptly, and brazen, rather than taking time to work through a reasonable solution.

As I shoot these lengthy bugs, they inevitably break into many smaller, equally dangerous bugs that continue chasing me. Each time I shoot them, they seem to multiply and get smaller. Sometimes, the bullets hit mushrooms, which seem to be very resilient, much like my previous addictions. As these bugs (perhaps my problems?) approach, they move faster and faster. My only defense is my gun, which only shoots straight ahead, leaving me vulnerable if they come at me from either side.

Each time, I wake up in a cold sweat. This happens every single night. The only thing that seems to calm me down is my gin, which I realize isn't a real friend. What the heck could be causing this? Why do dreams recur? I need some help, big guy!


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  1. do you think he'll handle that?

  2. I think he's handling his own demons. I also think he looks a little like a walrus (in a good way).