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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Essay # 5 – The Science Is Undeniable - 10/13/2009

Sometimes, when I’m writing a letter, posing as an inventor of some preposterous gadget, I’ll utter the phrase “the Science Is Undeniable.” I like to think of this as a Jedi Mind trick. They’ll read my idea and go “that’s preposterous”. Then they’ll read those four magic words “The…Science…Is…Undeniable…” and suddenly think to themselves “Gee—maybe it isn’t so far fetched after all. The science is undeniable.”

I’m banking on the idea that people who read and respond to angry customers, don’t also have technical degrees. Furthermore, rather than go through all of the trouble of listing reasons why a “sheep on an iron-rich diet that grows steel wool” is preposterous, they’ll blindly accept my “research”.

Or they’ll call me an idiot behind my back and send me some note about how they can’t accept outside inventions, along with several free product coupons. I don’t really have a problem with that.


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