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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Post #29 - "Why I Love Faygo" Contest - 10/6/2009

I heard a commercial for this contest on the radio. I submitted this essay. The prize is a Wii, which we already own. I thought it would be cool, if I won, to donate it to Children's Hospital or something.

It's on

Dear Faygo,

Why do I love Faygo?

I can remember on Halloween, my kindergarten teacher asked us to put sticks and leaves in a pot. While my classmates and I played outside in the cool October air, a “Magical Witch” turned our sticks and leaves into delicious pot full of Faygo Orange. My childhood school and playground has since become another subdivision where the houses all look the same.

I can remember sharing a Faygo Red Pop with my Grandfather on the back porch, on a warm summer evening. We sat on the swing, and listened to Tiger baseball on the radio, as the sun slowly faded. I miss my Grandfather, and cherish those carefree summer nights.

I can remember spending a summer afternoon with my elderly neighbor, making Faygo Rootbeer floats and watching Bugs Bunny. My parents were both working, and in a pinch, and she happily agreed to "watch" me. In hindsight, Mrs. S. was much more like a member of our family. I miss being surrounded by so many great, loving neighbors.

I can remember Boy Scout Camp--my first real time away from home. Faygo Rock 'n' Rye made me feel less homesick. I have a lot of great memories of childhood friends up in Metamora, swimming and playing in the hot sun, and camping out beneath the stars.

I can remember coming home after a hot summer day at Boblo, and how an icy cold Faygo Lemon Lime tasted like the best thing in the world, on my parched throat. The cold can soothed my sun burnt forehead. I’d give anything for one more day at Boblo.

I can remember after that last game at Tiger Stadium, sitting in my car with my friends, in “our spot” by the old Train Station. We enjoyed one more Faygo Rootbeer before heading into the stadium for the last time. The new ballpark isgreat, but it's just not the same, calling a parking garage "our spot".

I can remember fighting back tears as I walked through my childhood home for the very last time. A two-liter bottle of Faygo Grape--my favorite of all of the Faygos--helped me through that sad day. I still remember the sad, sad look on Mrs. S's face as she stood in our driveway and watched as we pulled away for the last time. It really is true what they say, that "you can never go home”.

I can remember a lot of great people and places and times. Luckily, Faygo has always been interwoven in with my favorite memories. When I sip my Faygo, I can revisit those special people, places, and snapshots in time, if only for a moment.

Thank you Faygo, for being part of so many of my memories!



  1. very nice jerry...reminds me of how my family always had towne club at parties and get-togethers. now if i could only find me a case of carefully selected flavors of towne club, i'd be rockin'

  2. Thanks.

    I recently came across Towne Club at a gas station. They still make it. $0.79 for a 24 ounce plastic bottle. It wasn't as good as I remembered it. They only had about five flavors, and the only one I remembered was Creme Soda.

    Besides all the different flavors, I think part of the mystique with Towne Club was taking the bottles back.