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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Post # 121 - Give the Peanut-Allergic Kids Their Plain M&M's - 3/8/2010

I have a soft spot in my heart for people with allergies.  I think companies need to do more for people.  Take some of the money that you'll use to develop my Coffee Bean M&M idea, and make plain M&M's accessible to peanut allergy sufferers.
Dear M&M Mars,

Okay we get it. You can make M&M’s in any color we can think of, and with any text we want. You have giant M&M’s. Gourmet M&M’s. But not one, are you willing to deem peanut-free.

You have a disclaimer on the back of the Plain M&M wrapper that basically makes it impossible for a kid to eat Plain M&M’s. “May Contain Peanuts”.

Peanut allergies are the most common allergy among children. They affect at least 3 million people in the United States. The effects can be deadly, and peanut exposure cannot be taken lightly. Concerned parents become vigilant label-readers, in the name of love. While I appreciate you protecting people, as a lead-in to a bigger question.

How many kids never get to taste a delicious peanut butter patty or peanut butter pie, or peanut brittle, or Peanut M&M’s? Or for that matter, Plain M&M’s.

Why don’t you make all of your peanut-free products in a peanut-free facility on peanut free equipment and with peanut-free supplies? Build a second factory on the empty lot next to your first factory, and make it completely peanut free. You can make everything from Dove Chocolates to Milky Ways to Caramel Twix here. People who have been in Peanut Factory A would not be allowed in Peanut-Free Factory B. Supplies to Factory B would come from a Peanut-Free supply chain. The critics would applaud you. Parents and kids would hug you.

Leverage your supply chain, and all of your workers to take the Peanut Oath:

I solemnly swear to steer completely clear of peanuts, in mind, body, and spirit.

I do so with the health and safety of the almighty customer in mind.

I shall remain peanut-free, like the products that I make.

It seems like the only thing standing in the way would be a little cash. But aren’t three million loyal customers worth it?

Give the Peanut Allergy kids a taste. That’s all I’m asking. A worry-free, Plain M&M taste.




Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 18:18:13 -0500

Dear Mr. Herman,

In response to your email regarding M&M'S MILK CHOCOLATE CANDIES.

Thank you for your email.

Our Marketing Staff is continually working on new ideas. Although we cannot say what they are, we hope you will continue to watch and enjoy!

Have a great day!

Your Friends at Mars Chocolate North America


Please do NOT reply to this email. If you would like to respond to this message, click on the link below.
Dear Good Fudge Folk,

Thanks for dangling your marketing secrets in front of me, and then hiding it. From the tone of your note, it sounds like you’re admitting that there’s a problem there (the peanut disclaimer on non-peanut candy).

So aside from marketing some new and fancy M & M to coincide with whatever hot movie is coming out this summer (Toy Story 3?), it’d be nice if you just give the peanut-free kids a taste.



PS-I’m working on some stuff too, that I can’t tell YOU about. FYI.
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  1. That is so true about peanut allergies and plain M & M's. There are so many limits to what these kids can eat, it is heartbreaking. You'd think the companies would want to fill a niche like that and do something good at the same time.

  2. Thank you, I too inquired them, my daughter is severely allergic. I got the same response, and when I retorted, they gave me a number and case# to use. Has anyone got the same response and what did they say when you called?