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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Post #21 - War on Spam - mr. Frank Volume 3 - 6/26/2009


Hello Jerome,

Thanks for your mail, well everyone has past, i once lost my beloved friend, whom is very much close to me right from my child hood, though i believe that everyone has a purpose of being alive, so i know that he choosed his own part, he has been like a brother to me, but he is no more. I love him much.

But allthesame i wish you will have your account information send to me so that we can proceed with the transaction, so get back to me with the required information.

Best Regards,
Second note from mr. Frank, sent 6/27/2009

RE: Sorry For My Late Responce

Hello Jerome,

How are you doing? i hope that everything is fine with you, i hope you were in reciept of my last mail to you, kindly get back to me so that we can proceed with the transaction as the need to delay is not necessary.

My response to mr. Frank, sent 6/27/2009

Dear mr. Frank,

Sorry to hear about your friend. How did it happen?

My hot plate was faulty. Burned down my trailer. Now I’m hanging out at the YMCA. Free wifi though!

Congratulations! You unlocked the first of six alphanumeric characters for my bank account. First character: H.

Next: I need to know your most embarrassing moment. Please hurry! I am eager to get this transaction completed.

Please comply with my screening process. Again, this is two ways, babycakes.

Lance E. Antsyinmypantsy
My follow-up note to mr. Frank, 6/28/2009

FW: Sorry For My Late Responce

Dear mr. Frank,

How are you doing? I certainly hope that things are going well. Please don’t delay in getting back to me. I am eager to proceed with the transaction. My cot has a small rip in it now. There’s a cricket chirping under the bleachers next to my cot.

Please hurry, as the need to delay is not necessary.


Lance E. Antsyinmypantsy

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