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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Post #17 - War on Spam - mr. Frank Volume 2

mr. Frank sent this note to me on June 24th. He wasn't keen on giving me any mr. Frank facts.

I am in reciept of your mail and i understand everything you talked about, my little problem now is that i need assurance of the safety of my fund with you once it gets to your custody.

I tried calling you on the number you provided but it seems not going through, once i hear from you, i will then forward an application to the Bank on your behalf requesting for the approval of the fund for onward transfer to your designated Bank account.

Best Regards,

My response to mr. Frank, sent 6/24/2009

Dear mr. Frank,

I see you’re in r-e-c-i-before-e-p-t of my mail. If you understand, why did you not tell me a Mr. Frank Story? It could be about:

a) a time when you loved and lost.
b) a time when you were embarrassed.
c) a time when you were afraid.

Giving my bank account number makes a lot of sense otherwise. For all the reasons you described.

You probably called after my mis-hap that spelled the end of Antsyinmypantsy Inventions LLC. See, I dosed off with my Telepath-one invention on my head. You may recall, it reads brainwaves and converts them to spoken word. Well, my invention called my wife and conveyed a strange fantasy I’ve been having about somebody at work. She filed divorce papers, took me to the cleaners, and now I live in a tiny trailer with a hot plate.

So I need this money as soon as possible.

Please engage yourself!


Mr. Lance E. Antsyinmypantsy
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