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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Post # 90 - Budweiser Proves Me Wrong and Then Tells Me to Apply - 8-28-2009

Dear Budweiser,

I remember in the second grade, I smuggled saltwater taffy into school. It was the best taste ever, until my teacher, Ms. Bumbleton, approached my desk with a waste paper basket. Spitting out something that I loved was the WORST!

About a year ago, you were running these ads, glamorizing the role of the Budweiser "Taster". You made it sound like Budweiser Tasters had the best jobs on earth, and that everyday at 3:00, they entered paradise (my words, not yours)--your boardroom.

If being a "taster" is such a good job, why do your tasters spit it out?

As one who has responsibly enjoyed your beverages for years and years, I could be a taster and actually swallow it. I think you need to hire some beer drinkers over there.

Fire those sissies who are clearly "do as I say but not as I do" types; hoping, day after day, of being promoted, out of the "Taster" role. They can't tell you if it's good or bad because they hate all of it! They pray, day after day, that you'll bring in some wine coolers for tasting.

Wise up! You're losing market share, and it's their fault!


Subject: Customer Comment Reference: 5523104
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 14:16:51 -0500

Hey Jerry,

Thanks for stopping by the site and shooting me an e-mail. I’m flattered by your interest in Budweiser!

As you mentioned, in order to insure every Budweiser tastes the same, BrewMasters meet daily at 3:00. In order to taste the natural bitterness that occurs in Budweiser, it is important for our “Tasters” to swallow the beer. In addition, our Taste Panels not only monitor the quality of the taste, they are also making sure the aroma and color of the beer is the same as the Budweiser that was introduced in 1876. So before the beer is tasted, our BrewMasters examine the way the beer looks and also smell the beer.

I can assure you that one thing we all have in common is that we love beer! We love brewing, tasting and talking about beer, so if there is ever anything I can do to help you out in the future, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an e-mail.

You also mentioned that you are interested in working with us. When you get a minute, feel free to check out The site is updated regularly, so you might want to check back on a regular basis.

Thanks for getting in touch, Jerry. I hope you’ll enjoy the perfect balance of flavor and refreshment with an ice-cold Budweiser soon!

Your Friend at Budweiser
1-800-DIAL-BUD (1-800-342-5283)
Hey Joe,

So you’re saying there’s no spitting out of beer? That’s a job I can handle. I’ll check your employment section.

Hypothetically, I would be very willing to bring the tunes (“Save my life I’m going down for the last time. Ooooh-AHHHHHHH!!!!). Is the taste panel ever permitted (perhaps on casual Fridays) to say, do a friendly keg stand, or the “Bong-a-bility” test? These are both common practices at frat parties, tail gating events, block parties, and retirement group events. If I were in charge of the panel, these tests would be required.

I appreciate all of your insights.


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