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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Post # 85 - Guest Post on Intense Auburn's Blog - 3/4/2010

I'm very honored today to be guest-posting on my friend Joy's blog.  Reading her posts is always a highlight in my day.

The letter is posted on her site, HERE

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  1. Would like to share with you a letter my brother wrote to PNC/National City regarding my sister. I also am planning to email them, in addition plastering my batgirl mobile with Boycott National City/PNC emblems! Just thought you might enjoy.

    From: Larry Bohr
    Date: 3/4/2010 10:41:49 AM
    Subject: National City now a part of PNC

    Dear Mr. Hall,

    I received a letter from you that said "I'm writing to share good news
    about our plans to combine the National City and PNC Bank networks."

    It went on to say, "On behalf of all of our employees, I want to thank
    you for being a loyal customer."

    I read via the following link...

    "Neil is a proven leader who has built an extraordinary sales team that
    is committed to understanding our customers' needs and giving them
    high-quality service at every point of contact."

    "Neil's efforts have generated value for our shareholders, our
    customers, our employees and our communities."

    "Hall, 53, joined PNC in 1995 and for the past four years has served as
    deputy manager of the retail bank."

    The problem I have, Mr. Hall, is that my sister was an employee for
    National City Bank for over 22 years, but she was recently let go as
    part of the merger between PNC and National City.

    I'm challenged with how I can process the above public statements, when,
    privately, PNC destroyed my sister's career, after she demonstrated the
    core values which have been touted in your name.

    Everyone in my community knows my sister and that's because her loyalty
    was without question. Should the term loyalty really be used nowadays
    in the real world of corporate "right sizing"?

    Are your 15 years of climbing the corporate ladder more important than
    the 22 years of dedicated, loyal service my sister gave to National City
    and the community?

    Can you please provide one good reason why I would want to remain a
    customer in lieu of these circumstances?

    Can you please help me understand what value you provided for my
    sister? Does eliminating a loyal employee's position after 22 years of
    service "generate value" for said (former) employee?

    If you are really, truly "committed to understanding our customers'
    needs and giving them high-quality service at every point of contact."
    did anyone consider asking the customers if Debbie's 22 years of loyalty
    should be thrown out with the nightly garbage?

    I'm disgusted with the fact that taxpayer money bails out the banks, who
    gambled on high risk loans, and the solution is to take the taxpayers
    money, squeeze out the little man, and break your arm patting yourself
    on the back while doing so.

    My gut is churning and I question how you can sleep at night.

    If you want me to remain a customer, you'll address my questions and
    reinstate my sister with retro active pay. I won't even require that
    you make a public statement regarding it, you can do it all on the QT.

    Respectfully disgusted,

    Larry Bohr
    3664 22nd Street
    Wyandotte, MI 48192

  2. Julie,

    I hate banks. I'm really sorry for your sister. This is a great letter--really well done. Your brother speaks for a lot of people. When he gets a response, let me know.