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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Post # 76 - War on Spam: Zongo Part 2 of 4 -- In It Only For The Money

Subject: Fill this application form and send it to the bank
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 09:04:56 +0000

Dear Mr Jermonius

I received your mail, I was happy to hear from you anyway; I believe we are going to understand each other very well which is very very important for the success of this transfer.

I have to put every fact in order to you, and the transfer of the fund starts immediately you submit your application to the bank.

Much is not required from you; all you have to do is to send this application form to the bank requesting for the transfer of your inheritance fund, all vital information concerning the account in question will be forwarded to you.

For now all that is needed from you is your maximum co-operation and total commitment for the successful transfer of the said fund into your nominated bank account.

You do not need to worry so much, i am here to protect our interest only do not disappoint me at last. Note also that what ever expenses you made as a result of the transfer of the fund will be taken care of, so be keeping record of that, a particular percentage of the fund has been set aside to be used in taking care of all expenses before the final sharing of the fund. In a nutshell, this deal is 100% legal, risk free and safe.

This is the information you need to start off with, send this application immediately to the bank by fax or email me to inform me in order to follow it up in the bank, again contact me immediately you are through.

Nb: I want you to keep this transfer secret; whatever information i passed to you should not be disclosed to a third party for the smooth transfer of the fund.

Open your attachment file and see exactly how you are going to address your application to the bank for the transfer to start immediately, it will only take 10 bank working days for the fund to be transferred into any of your nominated bank accounts as soon as you follow the directives.

Fill the Application and sends to the bank immediately through these our bank E-mail addresses bellow.
( or

Waiting for your urgent response as soon as you sent it to the bank


Subject: RE: Fill this application form and send it to the bank
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2010 11:25:35 -0500

Hey Zon-Zip-Zippy-Zippy-Zong-Zong-Zippy-Zippy-Zong-Zong-Zongo,

What's with the backtalk? "Happy to hear from you anyway"? It sounds like you're not that happy. I've started filling out the application, but now I'm getting cold feet.

We don't understand each other. I asked you for a cool nickname--great teams have cool nicknames for their members. It's part of the bonding process. Can you explain? Why are you holding back? We need to regroup.

Also, the application starts with "Dear __________". Whose name do I fill in there?

I was thinking a weekend in New Orleans when this is over. Mardi Gras. You in?

Get Back to me ASAP.



Subject: Fill this application form and send it to the bank
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2010 20:17:08 +0000

MR Jermonius

You said sounds like i am not happy but i am telling you that i am happy for sure, also you ask of my nickname, i don’t have a nickname than my real name Mr ZONGO ALI, you said that you have started filling the application but you’re getting cold feet i don’t understand exactly what you meant there,

You only fill your name where it starts from, i am ……………

Yes it is weekend already but fills the application to send to the bank so by Monday morning they will receive it and get you ok


My Response, 1/15/2010

Hello Mr. Z-Z-Z-puh-puh-puh-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Zon-Zong-Zoooooongoooo!

You said you were "happy to hear from me anyway". That sounded a little like you and I weren't cool. But it sounds like we are.

Sorry for the delay. I had some messy tenants that clogged up my plumbing. The Von CheddarBurger Bed and Breakfast will be closed for a few more weeks. I need you to give me a nickname. Can you do that? Here is my application.
TELEFAX: 00226 50 43 36 23
Dear Sir,


I’m Mr Von CheddarBurger humbly apply to the bank as next of kin to your deceased customer, Mr. Park Seoungjae and great industrialist who died on a plane crash. He is my maternal Grandmother.

I humbly apply and put claim over his balance with the bank, which is valued at US$25.6millions, left in his account still unclaimed, until his sudden death, we have been business associates, jointly in exposition and buying of Gold and diamond. The funds were transferred into his account through our bank, for purchase of Gold / Diamond. I wish to advise your bank to kindly return the funds to this account, details stated below:

MY Bank Name: Bank of Brach's
MY Bank Address: 212 Pick A Mix Way, Sour Ball Village, WI 84338
MY Account Number: 7
MY Swift Code Number:8
MY Bank fax and phone number: 444-555-4567
MY Private fax and phone number: ............
MY E-mail address:
MY Occupation: Bed and Breakfast Owner
MY Age and sex: 63
MY Country: USA

Wishing my application will be given an urgent attention, as I wish the balance be released, and re-transferred into my account as detailed. Please accept my apologies for the late application it was due to some logistic problems, which have been just settled.

Thanking you for your anticipated co-operation.

Yours sincerely…………………..

Jermonius Von CheddarBurger

Subject: Waiting for your urgent reply
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 08:40:01 +0000

Mr Jermonius

I don’t have a nickname like I told you earlier and I don’t know the kind of nickname you’re talking about, also I am not satisfy of this application you filled out, what I am asking you is an empty foreign account where bank can remit the fund, but if you’re sure of the information then send it to the bank immediately for the claim

Note we must hurry up in this transaction because time frame is the best time to do this transaction.

Waiting for your urgent reply


My reply, dated 1/16/2010

Mr. Zongo Zongo It Won't Be Longo,

I understand that YOU don't have a nickname. I'm not asking for YOUR nickname. I'm asking for YOU to give ME a cool nickname for ME. For example: Erroneous Jermonius. Or "The Big Cheddah".

As for my bank account, it's foreign to you, and I'm pretty sure it's empty. Plus I don't feel like making up any more info like that. So yes, consided that to be my application.

How about a nice ski weekend in Vail when this is all over?

Thanks Man! Let her rip!

Jermonius Von CheddarBurger




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