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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Post # 80 - Philips Digital Frame Rip-Off - 12/30/2009

Dear Philips,

My Nana is 98 years old. She has seen the Great Depression, both World Wars, the hippie movement, and the forgettable Cosby movie, Leonard Part VI. In short, she has had enough stress to last three lifetimes.

On our holiday visit to her nursing home, I thought it might be nice to give her a nice gift. We have a $50 cap in our family, because Nana always reciprocates, and she has a fixed income. At $49.99, your Philips 8 inch LCD Digital PhotoFrame (Model 8FF2FPB) was perfect. What better way to allow Nana to see her four children and their spouses, plus 16 grand children and 132 great grand children, when we could not be there in person.

The plan was, “let’s wrap it up, and bring my laptop to upload the photos into the frame”. Nana opened the package, and after we explained it to her, she was delighted. She was tickled pink, red, green, and any color you can name.

I opened the box to get the upload process going. No USB cable included. Worse, no means of storing the pictures on the frame—no memory card included. Are you frigging kidding me? I looked at the box—no mention that I needed to purchase these items for an additional $27. I saw you included a power cord. That was very thoughtful.

As I type this, Nana is looking at someone else’s family on her frame—the family that came with the frame. Someone else’s kids are getting my Nana’s affection because Nana didn’t have the cable or the chip, and she refused to let me buy the additional parts. Your lack of concern for your customer put a real damper on the holidays. You’ve really done it this time! Nana read me the riot act. She dressed me down in front of the others. Nobody crosses Nana. She said, maybe THAT family will visit her more, and give her tapioca (she’s on a special diet—that’s a long story).

I’m disgusted with the entire Philips organization. You listened to bean counters who care little about the customer—the very one who puts the food on their table. No where on the box did it say “you need to buy more stuff to make this thing work”. I’d like a written explanation.

Thank You,

No Reply.  No longer a Philips Phan.


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