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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Post # 75 - Taco Bell: The Bishop and the Missing Taco - 12/30/2009

Dear Taco Bell,

What do you do with the leftover food that we order in the drive through, and never makes it into our bags? Just wondering.

By the time I get home to check, it isn’t worth it to turn around. I hope someone eats it. Maybe you donate it to a soup kitchen. That would make me less irate.

This last time, the Bishop and I ordered four Soft Tacos fresco, and a #5, plus an additional crunchy taco supreme. I get the #5, three Soft Tacos fresco, and a soft taco supreme. That means you messed up the same taco three times:
1) I asked for crunchy, not soft

2) I asked for fresco, didn’t get it

3) It was supreme, not standard.
The Bishop was a little angry. I wasn’t too thrilled either. It doesn’t really matter where or when it happened—it happens all the time at different restaurants. I think it must be a training or procedural issue, rather than personnel. Maybe you need a barcode on each item. Maybe slow down a little. And I get it—I’m supposed to pull over, look through each bag, try to discern in the moonlight what and how many of each item you decided to give us. I’m supposed to then pull back around, park, go in, wait in the maze until it’s my turn again, and then have the cashier take my word that I didn’t wolf the missing Chalupa down on the way in.

It’s getting a little old. Just like the Bishop and me. Is this part of the new Drive Thru Diet? Pay more and eat less?



P.S. – Who determines how many sauce packets I get? Sometimes it’s one per item. Sometimes two. Sometimes less. Is it arbitrary? A handful? Whose hand? Maybe go one per dollar spent.
No response.  I don't think they like me.  I've complained before.  I may be on a list.
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