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Monday, September 19, 2011

Post# 214 - Starbucks: The Cup Doesn't Exactly Runneth Over

Dear Starbucks,

On the way to work today, I stopped for my daily fix.  I was in a rush, so I went through the drive thru.  Normally, I like to go into the store—I enjoy the aromas, ambiance, Barristas, and the fellas with their sideburns, hemp ware, and laptops.

I ordered a venti skinny caramel macchiato.  I pulled around and plunked down my $4.40.  The women graciously handed me my beverage and we exchanged pleasantries.  As I pulled away, I sensed that it was “light.”  I’ve ordered several hundred of these, and I know how much they should weigh.  I pulled off the cap and noticed the cup was roughly two thirds full.  Yes, the delicious foam filled up some of the gap, but this venti was clearly a dodici.

About midway through my shift, my boss indicated that I was missing my normal pep, and that I was only operating at about 2/3rds effort.  He sent me home after 5 1/3 hours, so I was only paid for two thirds of my shift.

What gives with cutting corners on loyal customers?  Am I being penalized for only frequenting your store once per day?  Am I expected to bump it up to twice a day?

Is your operation error-proofed?  Are your people trained to fill it all the way?  Was I the victim of the Barrista whose mom never filled his cup more than two thirds full because he was a spiller?

I would appreciate a written explanation.  If you’d like a photograph, I took one.

This never happens at the gas station when I get my own. 


Subject: Re: the beverage I ordered at a store <<#211758-6468999#>>Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 10:11:03 -0500
Hello Jerry,
Thank you for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company.
I am very sorry that your Venti Skinny Caramel Macchiato was only 2/3 full. That is not what we want to happen.
I want to assure you that I will be following up with the store and its management team in order to ensure that we are making these beverages correctly. Unfortunately, I am unclear at which store this happened.  If you could please respond to this email with further information about the store location (such as cross streets), this would help us greatly.  Please also feel free to take a look at our store locator at for store information.
What I would like to do, is to invite you back to our stores to have a drink done right. I would be happy to mail you some beverage coupons so that your next drink will be on us.
Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to fix this situation. I assure you that we take feedback from our customers seriously and will use this as an opportunity to improve the experience for you.
If there are any questions or concerns that I have not been able to address, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800 23-LATTE (235-2883), we are here Monday through Friday from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM (PST).
Thank you,
Stephanee S 
Customer Relations
Starbucks Coffee Company
800 23-LATTE (235-2883)
Monday through Friday, 5AM to 8PM (PST)
If you would like to share your thoughts about your experience with Starbucks Customer Contact Center, please click on the link below to participate in a short survey.  Your comments will be used to ensure that any future experiences with Starbucks Customer Contact Center meet your highest expectations.'3/25/11 1:44:02 AM MDT'To: info@starbucks.comSubject: RE: the beverage I ordered at a store <<#211758-6468999#>>Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 23:17:10 -0400

Hi Stephanee, 

The Starbuck is on the corner of XXXX and YYYYY in ZZZZZ

My address is:XXXXX Bluh Bluh Ave.
Bluh Bluh, MI XXXXX
Thanks for your help. 


Note sent via mail on March 26, 2011:

Dear Jerry,
Thank you for taking the time to contact Starbucks Coffee Company.
Please accept the enclosed beverage coupons with my apologies for the experience you brought to my attention.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address your concerns and improve our operations.
If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact us at or 1-800-23-LATTE (1-800-235-2883).
Customer Relations
Starbucks Company
800-233-LATTE (235-2883)
Monday through Friday 5AM to 6PM (PST)
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