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Monday, July 25, 2011

Post # 195 - Another Run at DirecTV - Another Price Increase

In the past, I've vented to these folks.  They sent a nice note last month, warning me about a price increase.    I sent this on 3/3/2011.

Dear DirecTV,

I've been a loyal subscriber for 9 years.  I'm seriously considering canceling my DirecTV.

You recently sent a love note indicating that our bill is increasing.  I waited for that first bill.  The bill increased $5.  I remember it increased something similar a few years ago as well.

Recently, when there was a dispute between DirecTV and Versus over money, you removed it from the lineup "to keep prices down."  You made it sound like you were trying to protect me, the customer from paying outrageous prices.  Once you finished negotiating, you quietly reintroduced it.  Then one sunny January day, BOOM!  Pay us 5 percent more.

You took away ESPN Classic from our package and moved it from the 200's to the 600's so "we wouldn't miss it as much".  You made it so we have to have "Total Choice Plus" in order to have a DVR.   We don't watch most of the channels in the plus package, and could easily get by with a lesser package, but no...because we like taping shows and rewinding when we didn't hear something, we pay about $20 a month more than we should.

What exactly am I getting for my five percent more?  The Oprah channel?  Is that what this price bump is all about.  Is the nun channel raising their rates?

Once upon a time, I suggested cafeteria-style programming.  I'd pay fifty cents per channel and cut out all the fat.  I don't watch the Home Living Network.  I don't watch the Tennis Channel.  I don't watch the Liquidation Channel.   I don't watch HGTV.  I don't watch Syfy.  I don't watch TruTV.  I don't watch Oxygen.  I don't watch Lifetime.  I don't watch the Lifetime Movie Network.  I don't watch Chiller.  I don't watch WeTV.  I don't watch SoapNet.  I don't watch Logo.  I don't watch the TV Guide Network.  I don't watch Baby First TV.  I don't watch Sleuth.  I don't watch the Hallmark Channel.  I don't watch Jewelry TV. I don't watch Posh TV.  I don't watch Uplift TV.  I don't watch
America's Auction Network.  I don't watch the Sonlife Broadcasting Network.  I don't watch GAC.  I don't watch CMT.  I don't watch TV One.  I don't watch BET.  I don't watch Centric.  I don't watch Gospel Music.  I don't watch Free Speech TV.    I don't watch Resort and Residence TV. I don't watch Golden Eagle Broadcasting.  I don't watch the Inspiration Network.  I don't watch God TV.   I don't watch Jewish Life.  I don't watch World Harvest Television.  I don't watch the Hope Network.  I don't watch the Daystar Television Network.  I don't watch EWTN.  I don't watch the Church Channel.  I don't watch the Trinity Broadcasting Channel.  I don't watch the Word Network.  I don't watch BYU Television.  I don't watch Link TV.  I don't watch the Christian Television Network.  I don't watch the Tri-State Christian Network.  I don't watch the National Religious Broadcasters.  The 400's are all Hispanic and soccer channels. I'll pass.

From what I can see, I'm paying for a lot of fat.  And $5 a month to rent a second box that, if I had standard cable, wouldn't be necessary unless I wanted my young kids watching HBO.

Give me reasons.  Give me something to cling to.  Why am I staying with DirecTV?  Why aren’t I canceling my movie channels and going with Netflix?



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