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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Favor for a Friend - 1/27/2010

A very couragous friend of mine has an undiagonosed illness. In an effort to cope, and also document her treatment, she has started an anonymous blog. Others use her blog as a reference for specific procedures that she has undergone. A doctor submitted her blog, entitled "Queen of Optimism" has been selected as a finalist in a contest.  Polls are open until February 14th.

Please take the time, and if possible, please pass this along to your friends. There are some prizes, but the real prize here would be a moral victory.  Attached is the link.

It's a great blog--really well written.  My friend was telling me that other patients and families of patients use the blog as a reference, for the various procedures that she has undergone.  The address for the blog, if you're interested, is:

Thank you!


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