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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Essay #6: Letter to Faygo and Children's Hospital sent 12/3/2009

When the contest ended on 12/1, we were a few hundred votes ahead (we had almost 1700)--there shouldn't be any issue. The announcement comes on 12/15. Thanks again. Drink your Faygo!

I sent this note to Faygo tonight. I wanted to let Faygo know that they essentially have a free commercial here, if they want it.

I carbon copied my contact at Children's Hospital. This was my way of letting Ellen to know that we're coming. I always see people like Brandon Inge and Nick Lidstrom actually doing things with the kids. I'd prefer the "spend some time there" approach, versus "pass it over the counter" approach. Maybe giving some notice would help. We'll see.

Someone mentioned the idea of having a Wii Delivery Party ahead of time at one of the local establishments (Cheli's? Hockeytown?) on the day of delivery, for anyone interested. Count me in.

But first things first--they have to name the winners.

Dear Faygo,

I am a big believer in random acts of kindness--I feel that it lifts the spirits of the giver, as well much as the recipient. I also believe in the strong bonds of family and friendship. Lastly, I believe in giving back.

I am a lifelong Michigan Resident who is blessed and fortunate to have a great job at Chrysler. I have a great family—a wife and two kids, eight and six. Faygo has been a part of my life, as long as I can remember. I feel strong ties, especially in these times, to a local company like Faygo that employs Michigan residents.

Eight years ago, my family and I spent some time at Children’s Hospital of Detroit. My daughter had some precautionary studies done, related to a heart murmur. I was always impressed with their care and support. Moreover, I felt great sympathy to those parents and children dealing with much more than a heart murmur.

Back in October, I sent separate notices to my friends, and to Ellen Burnett, Director of Major Gifts at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. I notified them that I had entered an essay contest through Faygo. I stated that if we won, I would donate the prize to Children’s Hospital. Ellen confirmed that the Child Life Division at Children’s Hospital could use the Nintendo Wii.

I saw this as a great opportunity to do something positive, and rally a great bunch of people together, during really hard times. Furthermore, I saw this as a great opportunity to reinforce the idea of “giving back” for my kids. The past seven weeks have been amazing—family, friends, and friends of friends from around the world rallied around this cause. People really wanted to see this through. .

Through all of this, there was a great feeling about Faygo. There are people all over the country and world, who grew up with Red Pop, Rock and Rye, and Faygo Root Beer, who absolutely love it. My essay practically wrote itself—it came so easily. I’ve essentially become a walking, talking Faygo advertisement.

When the voting closed on Tuesday, it appeared that our entry was in first place by a few hundred votes. I know the results come out on 12/15/09-- I just wanted to make you aware of my intentions, in case Faygo wants to be a further part of this. “Family, Friends, Faygo” has a nice ring to it.

I want to thank you for the opportunity, and for a lifetime of refreshment.


Jerry Herman

cc: Ellen D. Burnett
Director, Major Gifts
Children's Hospital of Michigan


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