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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Post #9 - Frito Lay "Get Your Own Bag" Slogan

I sent this to Frito Lay on 8/13/1997:

Dear Potato Pushers,

How are you doing? As a loving father of three (and this town’s finest dry cleaner repairman), I have a problem with your slogans. “GET YOUR OWN BAG,” and “GET A LIFE”. My little Kenny has a black eye because at lunch time, he told a class bully to “Get his own bag” when Kenny asked for a chip. When Randy questioned him, Kenny said “Get a life”. When Kenny came to, the school nurse was applying one of those frozen blue jelly-filled ice pack things to his wounds.

We’ve always taught our son two key lesson—“treat other people as you want to be treated”, and also, “share”. Can you see the problem? You are contributing to the delinquency of our youth. Who has more credibility to a second grader? A naggy parent, or a bag filled with his favorite food? Sometimes I, too would rather read the side of a chip bag than listen to my wife as she fills out my honey-do list.

I hope you take something away from this letter—a cross section of America, land of the free and home of the brave. If you’ve corrupted our son, who knows how many others? Is our son going to grow up to be a serial killer? I hope not—we’ll ground him to his room!

Please provide a response to my issue. If you don’t plan on changing your slogans, at least explain your reasons, so I don’t feel like God put me on this earth solely to eat your chips, provide plants with carbon dioxide, and complete these damned honey-do lists!

He’s A Chip off the Old Block,

Letter from “Sharon”, from Frito Lay Consumer Affairs, 1/22/1998.

Dear Larry,

Thank you for sharing your comments with us about the slogans that appear on our bags of Ruffles and Lay’s brand potato chips. I apologize for the delay in responding to your letter, but it was forwarded to me only recently.

We are always interested in learning what customers think of Frito Lay products and how we do business, and we welcome your comments. I am sorry that you and your family are disturbed over our advertising slogans—“Get your own bag” and “Get a life.” As in all our advertising efforts, these slogans are meant to be no more than simple advertising slogans which present our products in a memorable way Many are light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek—such as your letter (I loved it!). They are not intended to have any larger significance or make a values statement, only to present our products in fun and entertaining ways and, along the way, interest people in our snack foods.

We truly appreciate your letter and will keep your comments in mind when discussing future advertising. We hope you will enjoy the enclosed with our compliments.


Frito Lay Consumer Affairs

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