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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Post #5 - My Letter to Roger Goodell To Fire Millen

My note, sent to Roger Goodell, sent 6/17/09:

Dear Commissioner Goodell,

What were you thinking?

When you had your interviews with Matt Millen, did the past several years ever come up? Did you ever itch your asses and ask yourselves “does the public really want to hear the insights of the man who sculpted the worst professional team in the history of professional teams?” For crying out loud, his frigging family hung a Fire Millen ornament on their Christmas tree!

Let’s all give him $40 million dollars to talk some more.

Today, the $40 million voice of your league opened his 0-16 yapper again. He stated “I understand. In Detroit, they need a bad guy. I was a bad guy. I was to blame for the fall of the auto industry and the housing market. Somehow, I had something to do with Kwame Kilpatrick, although I’m not sure what.”

He was wrong. We don’t need another bad guy. We don’t need some pumpkin-headed, overweight, overpaid jackass making sarcastic comments about deeply personal things that greatly affect all of us on a daily basis. We have an unemployment rate well over 12 percent, and this clown, whose salary came from our ticket sales, jokes about it. That’s your guy. You handpicked him.

The city is reeling from the Kwame mess, doesn’t need jokes from some idiot who spent 4 days a week here, who threw his staff and players under the bus at every turn, who single-handedly broke the franchise with his piss-poor talent assessment and draft selections. They stunk so bad, they wanted to change the uniforms after he left. Joey even complained that he left the seat up!

Matt Millen is the worst GM in the history of GM’s. He’s the Benjamin Franklin of sucking. You were looking for a Noah, and you got yourself a Gilligan. If he can ruin your sport from the broadcasting booth, it will happen. Frankly, I’m looking forward to that. I have a game I play in my head—it’s fun, play along next fall. Whenever Millen makes a statement, say to yourself, “and I should know—I built the 0-16 Lions”.

Lion fans aren’t mad at Millen for Kwame, the declining housing market, or the struggling auto industry. He wasn’t here often enough to screw those things up. Lion fans are mad because he took a mediocre franchise, and made it the worst franchise ever. When he was leaving, he let Mrs. M. do the talking, and she likened this area to a prison. That’s a prison sentence that Matt created, and we all served.

You might want to reign in Gilligan. Let me be the first to say to you “Fire Millen!”


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