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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Post# 295 - Alamo Car Rental - 7/15/12

Dear Alamo,

My brother brought this to my attention when he came into town and rented one of your fine automobiles.

He rented a Nissan product, which raised some controversy, especially since he was headed into Big 3 country.  This vehicle used the keyless "FOB".  Your keys happened to come attached to one another on a cord.  The keys were basically inseparable, unless he were to cut the cord.

What's the point of giving him two keys if they're attached with a cord that he would have to cut?  If he's supposed to cut the cord if he wants the keys separated, how would he do this without making a special trip to the store for a sharp object (scissors, a knife, etc) that he wouldn't be able to carry on to his airplane when he leaves?

I'm just trying to understand where you're coming from.  It's puzzling.



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