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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Post# 130 - Hormel and Their Jacked Up Snack

This was a car trip snack when we drove to Florida.  I found the math both tricky and difficult as I ate and drove.  I sent this letter on 2/17/2010.

Dear Hormel,

I am an avid snacker. It’s a passion. As a short order cook at a truck stop, I never have time for a big meal. I often enjoy quick snacks between omelet platters, patty melts, and biscuits with gravy. Last week, I happened upon your Hormel Ham, Cheddar and Cracker Snack Tray.

Your nutrition information shows one serving consisting of: 16 hams, 7 cheddars, 5 crackers. I counted--the package contains: 40 cheeses, 40 hams, 24 crackers. I’m assuming the ham and cheeses are measured by weight.

I’m a sandwich man. Always have been. Since you’re saying 5 crackers = one serving, this determines that in order to maintain your ratios, I need to have 10 crackers, 32 hams, and 14 cheeses. However, the math never adds up—you always end up with a ham-less cracker sandwich, or a not enough crackers.

I threw away the rulebook. The package contains 24 crackers, or 12 sandwiches. Each sandwich gets 3 and 1/3 cheeses and 3 and 1/3 hams. It becomes pretty cumbersome. The cracker sandwich height exceeds my mouth-hole diameter. Therefore, I have to hastily disassemble my creations, and make them mouth-sized. In the process, the ratios of cracker, cheese and ham get distorted.

Why do you torment us with mixed fractions and remainders? Why can’t you make your snack component quantities more snack-sandwich friendly? I’m not asking you to pre-assemble anything. Just for once, have the same people who do the nutrition information talk to the bean counters who determine the quantities of cheese, ham, and crackers.

And for Gosh Sakes, make the serving size include an even number of crackers for those of us in the Sandwich Club.



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1 comment:

  1. You have to wonder if a company thinks at all before marketing some products!