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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Post # 124 - Whataburger Experiment: Whataboutanicenote - 3/13/2010

I recently had an odd experience in an Alabama Whataburger.  The cashier gave us fries that we did not order.  She delivered our salads, and took the fries from our trays and threw them out.  I sent a note questioning their policies.  I sent a second note.  And a third.  They're not answering.

So what if I send a nice note about a great visit, sent under an alias, from a different email address.  Will they answer then?
I sent this on 3/13/2010

Dear Whataburger,

I just wanted to convey a great experience that I enjoyed at your restaurant in Phoenix, AZ. I was fresh-off the plane, and raring’ to go for the Annual Saints and Sinners Train Club Expo. I was hungry and out of town.

I walked in Whataburger, and ordered a Chicken Sandwich and some fries. The sandwich was perfect, and the fries were tasty. Your servers were friendly. One elderly worker (the others in my section, and I called her “Mom”) sat with me and comforted me. She was on her break, and told me about her son who is far away. That weekend, I was her “son”. I came back five more times in two days. I’m a little sick of your Chicken Sandwiches. But I’ll never forget how welcome I felt at your restaurant.

Thanks Again,

Stephan Mariendo
Conclusion: Not only does Whataburger throw out perfectly good fries, they don't read their customer feedback.



  1. Stephan (Jerry),
    I hope this note gets to you. I work for Whataburger and tried to respond to the previous post back in May, but apparently it did not post to your blog. Please e-mail me at or call me at 210-476-6547. I will make sure you get an answer to any questions you may have. I apologize for the delayed response you have received so far.


  2. LMAO @ the comment! Is that for real?

  3. It is indeed. Pam is a real person, unlike the spamfolk who are trying to peddle Viagra in these comment sections.

    I'm actually impressed--they obviously have people checking the web. I sent her a follow-up note.