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Monday, March 26, 2012

Post# 248 - Nathan's Famous - More than Just the Best Hot Dog!

I sent this on 7/16/2011 after eating the most average, non-special, ordinary hot dog of my life:

Dear Nathan's Famous,

The side of your box reads "More than Just The Best Hot Dog!"  Let's assume you're right about the world's best hot dog thing, even though it seems self-proclaimed.  Once you've climbed the Hot Dog ranks to the top, what possible "more" is there?  What is"more?"

Also, if one were to "Google" "World's Best Hot Dog," there are several others claiming, or being proclaimed  "Best".  One is called the "pyslur" in Iceland--it has beef, pork and lamb.  Another is called "Miller's."  A third is called "Spike's Junkyard Dogs."  Yet another comes from a place called "Charlie's Pool Room."  Do you even have any proof that you're best?

Just wondering where all of these proclamations originate.


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