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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Post# 247 - Unique Industries Dora Pinata

I sent this to Unique Industries on 8/24/2011:
Dear Unique Industries,

Last week, I was in a park with my kids, playing frisbee golf.  In the distance, I saw something that I'll never forget.  I saw a group of kids and a grown up.  The grown-up appeared to be tying a little girl to a tree.  I wondered, what sort of twisted party is that?  Then, blindfolded kids started swinging at the little girl. 

I called the police, who quickly responded and arrived.  As it turns out, the little girl was a Dora Pinata, and the man hanging the pinata was my boss.  He was having a birthday party for his daughter.

So now my boss is upset with me.  He's got me working 14 hour days, and Saturdays.  I'm the laughing stock in my office, and I blame you.

Seriously?  An object shaped like a little hispanic girl that people can hang from a treat and beat until the stuff on the inside is on the outside?  Is that really a good idea?  Is that sending a good message?  Hang a girl.  Hang a minority.  Hit a girl.  Hit a minority. Stop beating it when the candy comes out.

On some level, this seems horribly wrong.  Are you sending the right message here?  Lining up kids with a baseball bat to hit a minority?  Why can't it be an abstract shape with a picture of Dora's face on it?  Why couldn't it be a ball shape, or a cube shape, or a conical shape?  Why a little girl?  Isn't there enough hatred in the world without one more Dora pinata?


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