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Monday, August 30, 2010

Post # 141 - Bell Helmets and the Giraffe Man- 4/11/2010

Dear Bell Helmets,

I am an enormous human being. At eight feet tall, my friends call me the “Giraffe”. At Christmas, folks pay me $5 to put the star atop their tree. In the fall, people pay me to clean out their gutters.

Well guess what? Giraffe needs to get around town too. Cars aren’t designed for the giant. SUV’s aren’t either. Eventually, you resort to a neck hole in the roof of your car.

I live in a small town, and am quite friendly with the entire police force (consisting of eight gentlemen, and my fiancée, Collette.

Let me cut to the point. I plan on taking a road trip. This trip will take me through multiple municipalities. Different law enforcement officials may interpret safety laws differently. I would like to abide by all of the safety laws in all of the cities, counties, and states that I visit.

I’m looking for a helmet—not just any helmet. I am looking for a helmet that will permit me to safely travel in my modified ’67 Ford Custom 500.

What do you have?


No Response.


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