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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Post # 140 - Doubletree Hotels - Seriously--a Cookie? - 4/11/2010

Once while on business in St. Louis, I stayed at Doubletree when the other hotels that boast free happy hours and breakfasts were booked.  I had always heard about the almighty cookie.  It was really good.  But on the second night, nobody comes by with another cookie.  Or the third.  By day three, the cookie was a source of annoyance.
Dear Doubletree,

What’s the deal with the cookie? Is it supposed to make me feel welcome?

Here’s my beef. Other hotels “make me feel at home” with free breakfast. Some even throw in a little perk called “Meet the Manager Happy Hour”. Free booze and appetizers.

You give me a cookie. It’s a delicious cookie. I checked on the web—people try to duplicate your recipe, so you should be proud about that. But seriously--a cookie?

If I stay in your hotel for five nights in Dallas for my model train conventions, I get the same as Joe Blow who spends one night. One lousy cookie. Not one per night. Just one per visit.

It makes me want to book my hotel stay in Dallas, one night at a time. Check in for Night one, collect Cookie #1. Check out of the hotel after Night One, Check Back in for Night Two, collect Cookie#2. Repeat these steps until I’ve collected all five cookies, or until I become a diabetic.

I get the whole faux home sweet home sentiment. But I don’t see the incentive to stay more than one night, since that’s the only incentive you’re known for.

Maybe you can enlighten me. Seriously—a cookie?




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  1. Could you call room service for a cookie? Would they really say "no, we won't bring you a cookie because you've been here 2 nights"? Ridiculous. It is amazing what people call customer service these days.