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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Post # 135 - Helping A Friend Win A Home Renovation - 4/2/2010

A friend asked for some creative assistance. Over the past two years, she and her fiancé' have encountered a string of unfortunate events, including their newly purchased home burning down.

She discovered a contest in This Old House Magazine - A Photoshop Re-Do. $10K to renovate your house. Our challenge was to condense her story down to 200 words or less.

This is the essay that was submitted:
A 1925 Arts and Crafts home built Ford tough that not even a fire could destroy!

In April 2009, my fiancé and I purchased a 1925 Craftsman bungalow in the Henry Ford Historical Home District in Dearborn, MI. We used all of our wedding funds for collateral in order to close on the house of our dreams and complete some renovations before moving in. On move-in day, May 30 2009, our house caught fire. Fortunately, the fire was swiftly contained and we thought the damage wasn’t bad at first. We spent the next six month dealing with legal fees, insurance adjusters, and city officials before restorations could begin - the second time. Unfortunately, the funds from the insurance settlement will not cover the cost of all the needed repairs. The last piece we need to polish is the home exterior.

Our dream is to have a simple, family-only wedding in the backyard of our newly refurbished home. We hope that the tears shed over the past year can be washed away with tears of joy on our wedding day. We still believe that we can make this house a home. Will you help us?


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