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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Post # 301 - Skittles Loses the Lime

Letter sent 6/14/13.

Dear Skittles,

For years, folks have loved the classic mix of Skittles.  Sure, you introduce a whiz-bang special mix here or there, and they're neat for a little while.  Then, it's back to the original.  The blend of flavors is perfect.  Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon and Lime.  It's worked for years, and people loved it.

Now you yank Lime and throw in Sour Apple.  Are you kidding me?  Apple doesn't "go" with orange and lemon.  It doesn't blend with grape and strawberry.  It turns brown in fruit salad.  On it's own, it tastes fine.  In an ensemble candy, it's overpowering.  Lemon is already sour.

The Beatles were John, Paul, George and Ringo.   At the height of their success, you don't swap George for Tiny Tim.  Tiny Tim changes the mix.  Tiny Tim fans would be delighted, but the other 95% are left wondering: "What were you thinking?"

Sodium Borate is Na3BO3.  Always has been,  It's worked very well as is.  Chemists don't suddenly change it willy nilly because some wacked out focus group consisting of children of apple growers decides they like Potassium better than Boron.  The potassium changes the mix.

My golly gosh what were you thinking?  People are upset.  There are a few happy people.  The mass public is upset.  Some may not realize it yet.

Change it back.  Admit you were wrong and change your ways.  It wasn't broken.  Why eff with my Skittles?  Taste the Rainbow?  All I taste is rotten apples now.


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