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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post# 282 - GE Light Bulbs and the One That Wouldn't Light

Dear General Electric,

What's the deal with your light bulbs.  I bought your candle-shaped bulbs to brighten our dining room for our Thanksgiving feast.  This was my big chance to impress my future in-laws.

With the turkey in the oven, I replaced the old, non-GE bulbs with these new, awesome General Electric Bulbs. When I flipped the switch, one didn't light.

I hopped in my car.  The store where I purchased them was closed.  The next store was out of bulbs.  The next one too!  I came home bulbless, and worse, my turkey was burnt.

My in-laws found fault with my turkey and my lighting.  Now everybody's talking about me behind my back.  I think I'm going to be next on the chopping block.  In fact, yes--as I type this, I'm receiving a "we owe it to ourselves to see other people" text.  Thanks.

You let me down.  You owe me a new bulb.  You owe me a new girlfriend!  This is very, very bad.



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