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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Post# 280 - Trident - Your New Packaging Stinks - 12/11/12

I sent this on 12/11/2012:

Dear Trident,  

For years and years, I enjoyed chewing your gum.  Your package allowed me to remove one piece at a time.  I was wheeling and dealing all day long with minty fresh breath.  Life was grand.

Then, one day, you went and broke it.  You introduced a new package.  A gum "box" with a tab that does nothing.  The box opens in my pocket, allowing individual pieces of Trident to scatter themselves among my car keys, change, comb, Chap Stick and other assessories that help to "get me through the day."
Why did you break what wasn't broken?  Was it a marketing ploy?  I have this image of the chewing gum game being "cut throat."  Was the idea to come up with a "sexy" package?  Is the new package cheaper?

Because the counter argument about the new package is that it doesn't work.  It works great when it's full, and all of the peaces are stacked neatly.  As gum pieces are removed, the remaining pieces are free to shuffle and shift, weakening the cardboard package, and jeopardizing the engagement of the tab on the package.  Next thing you know, I'm smelling peppermint from my pants because your gum has escaped and nestled itself among my car keys, lip balm and money clip.

If your gum package were a prison warden, he'd be the warden that inmates like.  The whole state would be peppered with orange jumpsuit escapees.  Packages are supposed to do just that.  Package.  Containers are supposed to contain. 
If your gum package were a shepherd, he'd be the one who falls asleep all the time and lets his sheep scatter.  If you're going to keep your existing packaging, make the tab effective, so that the slightest contact or friction within my pocket doesn't cause the tab to disengage, the lid to open, and the gum to escape.

Your gum package is that one substitute teacher in middle school that let all the kids play euchre instead of learning about Roosevelt's New Deal.
If you're taking a survey, mark me down as unhappy.

Subject: Re: Your Comment/Question Case ID: 22967045
Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It doesn't really feel like you read my note.  It feels like a software interface scanned my note and picked out some keywords. 

1) This wasn't a safety issue.  Just some loose gum in my pocket instead of my pocket.

2) This wasn't a defective package.  This is every package.  This is a design issue.  It meets your quality standards because, again, this is every package of gum that you make, all day long, 24/7, 365.

3) You mentioned that you've taken steps to minimize this from happening again.  This is the best news I have heard.  What exemplary customer service!  You've fixed the design issue with the package?

I'm curious. What did you do?  Stiffen the packaging?  Lengthen the tab?  Eliminate that foil that seems to get in the way of everything?  Do tell.  I can't wait to buy my next package!

Thanks again,

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