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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Post# 234 - War on Celiac: Kellogg and Gluten Free Cereal Round 2

Last year, I sent a letter to Kellogg regarding their lack of presence in the gluten-free arena.  The feedback was non-committal.  I sent this to Kellogg on 7/15/2011 after reading the press release below.

Part of Press Release, May 11, 2001:

“Kellogg is pleased to announce plans for the launch of our first-ever gluten-free cereal – Rice Krispies® Gluten Free – which should start hitting store shelves by early June,” said Doug VanDeVelde, senior vice president of marketing and innovation at Kellogg. “We heard the strong desire from people within the gluten-free community, especially parents, for more affordable foods that they can serve their families, and we are helping to fill that need.”

Dear Nikki,

A while back, we exchanged email regarding the possibility of gluten-free products from Kellogg.  The options were very few.  While shopping last Thursday, on my grocer's shelf, what did I see?  Gluten-Free Rice Krispies.  Nice work, guys!  It's about time.

There's still a ways to go--Corn Puffs are really close--lose the wheat starch and we're in business.  How about some high-fiber options?  People just get tired of pushing.  Your competition made Chex Gluten-Free.  Why not go after Crispex?  For Celiac sufferers, it's Crispy times zero.

From your press release back in May, it sounds like you received a lot of feedback.  Unfortunately, I didn't see the press release.  I had to find out the same way the others did.  Here's a question:  when a company has something that generates a lot of inquiries, and you solve the thing that they're asking about, why not keep all of those email addresses and send them a quick note.  "Dr. Jerry--just a quick note to tell you we have Gluten Free Rice Krispies coming, thanks to your awesome idea."  That took literally 15 seconds to type, and doggone it, I felt pretty important typing it.

It's just a thought.  You run your shop the way you think it should be run.  Now enough reading letters--get back to more gluten-free development!


Dr. Jerry

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