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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post# 284 - Ocean Spray and the Upside Down Cans - 12/11/11

Dear Ocean Spray,

What gives?  Last year, for Thanksgiving, we purchased your canned berry blend.  I found it odd that the label was upside down, and a tiny 6 point arial font message read "open other end."  I figured, they're too focused on making what's on the inside of the can to notice they messed up the outside."  I ignored it and enjoyed my berries.

This year, I go to open the can, and I see the same message.  Open at other end.  What gives? 

If you lack the attention to detail to get the label "right," what possible assurance do I have that you're focused on what's inside?

Your commercials always depict two modern day Bartyls and James in a marsh, wearing waders?  What guarantee do I have that I'm not going to find a cigarette butt or a bobby pin in the can?

I can bet it wasn't like this at the first Thanksgiving!

A Little Concerned,

December 12, 2011

Hello Jerry,

Thanks for contacting us over here at Ocean Spray, where we pride ourselves for more than 80 years of taking great care in harvesting and manufacturing our products.  It’s nice to hear from people who are as into cranberries as much as we are.

We were concerned to hear that you had difficulty reading the label, believing it is on upside down.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Ocean Spray intentionally put the label on so the rounded end of the can is on the top.  The reason for this is to assist in getting the sauce out in the shape of a log.  By storing it with the label correctly displayed a small air pocket will form at the top of the can which makes the sauce come out more easily upon inverting and opening.  Consumer input is important to us and we have forwarded your comments to our Marketing Department.

Thanks for choosing Ocean Spray.  Be sure to visit us again sometime at

Tastes Good.  Good For You.
And Your Friends at Ocean Spray
# 8,295,083
Subject: Re: Reply from Ocean Spray # 8,295,083
Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Ebony,

I really appreciate your note, your efforts to clear this whole mess up. Now, I understand that the purpose of the upside down label is to encourage upside down storage, which is actually right side up. In addition, I appreciate the folksy flavor of your note.

Here's the problem. I'm not a label reader. I see your two tone label and grab. As I grab cans from my grocery bag, I feel the rounded bottom and store them with that end facing down. I assume the
stockboy at the store does as well because that's how they were stored - label upside down. Wouldn't this negate the air pocket?

Why are folks so hung up on the log shape anyway? My strategy, no offense, is to hide the log shape and claim that "I made this all by myself" try o which my judgmental Uncle Willie said, "He sure did, Marge. Look it isn't shaped like the can." Uncle Willie pauses Murder She Wrote episodes at the 45 minute mark and tries to solve the mystery before Angela Lansbury gets a shot.

Either way, my sauce came look out log shape even stored incorrectly. Just thought you should know.




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