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Friday, October 7, 2011

Post# 217 - War on Spam - Textile and the Polar Bear Who Bit My Ass

Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 00:48:07 +0800

Subject: textile manufacture introduction

Dear Sir,

Pls allow me to introduce our factory in China again.

We produce all kinds of fleece blankets and 100% polyester voile and organza curtain,coral fleece bathrobes,fleece jackets,kitchen products and other hometextile and garments.We do more than 10 millons US dollars business annually.


A household textile products manufacturer, our company is situated in Changshu, Jiangsu Province; just 100 kilometers from the regional trade and communications hub of Shanghai. With our surrounding area being one of China's main production bases for fabric and garments, we have convenient access to both raw materials and skilled labor.

We produce a wide collection of good quality polar fleece blankets,100% polyester curtain and coral fleece bathrobes.Beside we are also very professionally of producing coral fleece blankets,sauna quilts,suede products and some other well sold household textile and kitchen products.We are mainly doing large business with European,North American and Japan customer.We have been in these line for more than 5 years The company has independent import and export right. Especially, our products are selling well in German, Italian, Japanese, and the United States markets.

Moreover, we have more than 200 highly skilled workers and 10 trading staff. .We have strong supply ability which can ship 7 millions pcs of products per year. The daily production capacity of polar fleece blanket can reach 30,000pcs,and 10,000pcs for curtains and other products.

We do hope to develop more business with new company all over the world,Best quality and best price will always be our objective.For more information about any of our products, manufacturing techniques or other details, please either take a look at our catalog, or contact us directly. We also welcome companies worldwide to cooperate with us.

HYUSIT Textile Co.,Ltd

Subject: FW: textile manufacture introduction
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 20:10:53 -0400
Dear Jerry,

Did someone mention Textile Manufacture? I have conquered nearly every industry. Film houses, race tracks, build-a-bear workshops, circus peanut confections, the kind of massage parlors that you wouldn't recommend to your worst enemy, and most recently, breakfast cereal.

Now you present me with an opportunity to tackle the manufacturing of textile! Count me in. I see Polar Fleece among your products. You've touched a soft spot in my heart. I love Polar Fleece! Not for the normal reasons--simply because I hate Polar Bears.

I've had one run-in with a Polar Bear, while sowing my wild oats in the icy cold north. Let's just say, I am missing my left buttock as a rsult. I would love to exact my revenge.

One catch. I need a sample Polar Fleece to verify the craftsmanship before I invest.

Let me know what the next steps are, and we will go from there.


Enrique Chapstik
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