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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Post # 172 Tums: One Tum For Everyone!!! - January 1, 2011

Dear Tums,

As a concerned parent, I was comparing ingredients at the local pharmacy.  As I held three Tums varieties in my hands, I made a few observations.

First, Regular Strength Tums has 500 mL per tablet of the active ingredient, compared to 750 mL in Extra Strength.  This makes perfect sense. 

This is where the wheels come off the train, Extra Strength Tums and Children’s Tums each have 750 mL of active ingredient per tablet.  Kids and Drunkies get the same whollop in their pills.

In what world does it make sense to feed my child a pill as strong as extra strength?

As for pricing, Regular Strength is roughly $4.50 for 150.  I can find Extra Strength Tums, roughly $4 for 96.   Childrens Tums are roughly $4 for 36 tablets. 

Let me get this straight.  “Too Much Nacho Dip” pays 3 cents a Tum.  “Too Many Jello Shots,” and her friends pay 4 cents a Tum.    Single Mom working two jobs pays 11 cents a Tum for her kid, because she’s in too big a hurry to stop and read the label.

This is going to sound crazy.  Let’s just have one Tum for everyone.  Extra Strength – 750 mL.  Make them in all of the various flavors.  Nacho Guy and Drunk Chick can figure out how to handle their dosages, or better yet, taper off on all the sliders and tequila shooters.  This could be a teaching moment for them. 

For once, people with kids could maybe catch a break on something and pay 7 cents per tablet less.

What do you think?

Subject: Regarding Case ID: 3627704
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 10:00:18 -0500

Dear Jerry,


We have received your e-mail message regarding Tums® E-X antacid/calcium supplement.
Tums® Kids tablets are indicated for children ages 2 – 11 as an antacid/calcium supplement.  The maximum daily dosage, however, is much lower than for adults and divided into segments for 2 - 4 year olds and 4 years to adult.  There is a dosage chart on the back with both weight and age.
Dosing has not been developed for children with Tums® Regular, but the dosing on TUMS Kids would apply to other E-X products.  TUMS Kids was developed to provide parents with a stomach remedy for their children that was easy to give (scored tablets make dosing easy for kids age 2-11) and easy to take (available in Cherry, a flavors kids love, and in the Smoothies format, a smooth dissolving texture). 
Comments such as yours allow us the opportunity to experience our endeavors from the standpoint of our customers. We will certainly pass along your comments to those who are involved directly in the manufacture and marketing of Tums® E-X antacid/calcium supplement.

Again, we are glad that you took the time to share your opinions.


GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
Case # 3627704
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  1. Do you want to know something that is starting to irritate me? (not enough to get heart burn, thank heavens) When companies find it necessary to explain their shortcomings without directly addressing the issue you bring to them. Then - at the very end - they say but thanks for letting us know. I don't know - it just reeks of insincerity. It's like a little kid talking back. I don't know...I'm all hopped up on NyQuil...hopefully this makes sense.

  2. I know what you mean, sAm. I think they have pre-written chunks that they paste into the letter after the specific paragraph to save time and money. They reek of insincerity, just as you said.

    Hope you feel better! Thanks.