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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Post # 149 - Bonaventure Skating Rink and The King of Pop - 4/14/2010

A friend of mine, Shondira , took her kids to this skate rink one afternoon.  She described a normal roller skate rink experience, until a Michael Jackson song came on.  A giant screen came down and POOF!!! Michael Jackson video.  Soon skaters became spectators.

Subject: MJ

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 22:18:06 -0400

Dear Bonaventure Skate Rink,

My cohorts and I sell insurance for a living by day. Sell, sell, sell. By night, we decompress as members of an all male roller derby team, the Upper Deckers. Skate, skate, skate.

We keep our craft sharp by having bi-weekly skate lunches. These are meant to keep us limber and loose, to build camaraderie, and to strategize—to come up with new and innovative plays and patterns for our craft.

Last Thursday, our door-to-door business found us in Farmington Hills at lunch. One of the crew used his yellow pages to locate your rink.

We skated and skated and skated. We loved it. Great mix of music, great crowd. Until…Michael Jackson came on. Suddenly, as though he is more spectacular than the Gibb Brothers (um…ever heard of the Bee Gees?), a screen came down.

With the screen down, and Jacko gyrating to the beat of his own music, the once-safe skating patrons suddenly became patrons. People stopped and gazed, creating VERY UNSAFE conditions. One of my peers, Term Life Ted, collided with a 13 year-old, who tried to pick a fight. They didn’t end up fighting, and in the end, Ted bought Joseph a frozen beverage in the snack bar.

What’s the deal with the screen? Do you think that’s safe? Why not re-introduce Jart Nite?



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