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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Post# 290 - Dunkin' Donuts and the Missing Quarter Back

I sent this on February 12, 2012.

Dear Dunkin' Donuts,

Today, in your drive through, I ordered a large coffee with cream and no sugar.  The bill came to $1.75. 
I pulled around.  I paid the gentleman.  I didn't have change, so I gave him $2.00 in paper bills.  He handed me my large coffee with cream and no sugar, said "Thank You!" and closed the window. 

I sat there for a minute.  My daughter, in the back seat said, "Mom--he's looking at you!"  He never opened the window.  He never gave me my quarter.  No sign of a receipt, either.  I would've pulled around and confronted him, but a) I was in a hurry and b) it would've seemed like I was arguing over a lousy quarter.  In reality, it isn't the quarter that I care about.  It's the principle.

Normally in the gratuity world of ballgame hot dog vendors, greedy servers at overpriced restaurants, I'm used to, "Are we good?" or, "Do you need change?"  Buddy, we all need change.  The best is the server who elects to bring you a $5 back in your $6 change so you're forced to either tip way, way over 20%, or leave a measly buck.  But I digress.

Do your cashiers and drive-through folk make less than minimum wage, like a server at a restaurant?  Am I wrong for thinking a tip isn't implied?  Should I be tipping flight attendants too?  The Avon Lady?  Girl Scouts with those sinful Samoan cookies that I fancy?

Look--if a tip is implied, I've been living a lie at Dunkin' Donuts for years.   I probably owe $150 in quarters.   I'll settle up now.   Seriously.  I'm a notoriously generous tipper.  If I'm at a table with another couple, and we split the bill, I'll always over tip to make us look totally awesome in the eyes of the server.

What are the social mores of a Dunkin' Donuts Drive Through?  I left thinking that "the donut holes aren't the only holes in that store!"  Was it him, or me.  If it was him, I don't want him fired.  Maybe just make him run a couple laps around the perimeter of the store.  If it was me, send me the bill for 20% on top of every doggoned coffee I've ever enjoyed in my 29-ish years on this big blue marble.  They've all been Dunkin' Donuts.

It makes me sad because I feel like in order to enjoy my Dunkin' Donuts Coffee, I need to have exact change, and we JUST don't live in an "Exact Change Society."  I'll be taking my business to Timmy Horton.

Just thought you should know why.


Their response, sent 2/13/12:

Hello Jerry,

First of all I want to say thank you for the feedback.  I hear you loud and clear.  After reading your entire email, I understand the situation completely and I promise you it will be resolved.  

It is not your fault at all it is my employee's fault.  I would like for you to let me know what time of the day you visited the store.  This give me a better understanding of which employee do I need to talk to.  
Our employees are paid the minimum wage and above and no tip is not considered to be part of the wages.  So our guests don't need to give tips at all but some do.   

We will address the issue and I promise you it will not happen again.  I know it's not about the quarter and it's about the principle.  We do not train out staff to "keep the change".  I understand this kind of act as stealing from guests such as yourself.  

Please give us a chance to correct our mistake, I would like to send you gift certificates that you can use at any Dunkin donuts store.  

Please reply back with your mailing address and the time/date of your visit to the Trenton location.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you


Their follow-up response, sent 2/26/12:

Hi Jerry,
I apologize for the delay in responding.
I have mailed you the gift certificates to the address provided.
Please use at any Dunkin Donuts of your choice.

It would be really helpful to us that you provide the time/date of your visit to the trenton location.
Please understand that I'm not planning to fire the employee involved for this mistake, but I wanted
to make this situation into a learning oppurtunity and also to make sure this kind of act does not happen
to any of our guests in our network.  We value your business and hope you have a pleasant day.

Thank You
They sent two gift cards!

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