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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Post# 268 - War on Spam: To All The Spams I've Messed With Before

Subject: To All The Spams I've Messed With Before
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 23:48:54 -0400

Dear Mr. Lin Sun, Ms. Rita Douglas, Sir Gary, Menzie, Zongo, Timothy Decent, Ms. Pamela Letters, Doctor Diarrhea, Mr. Jorge Arroyo, Rose-Whose-Dad-I-Killed-With-A-Bow-And-Arrow, Razia,
Monica, Mr. James Fredmond, Barrister Garry, mr. Frank, Famous Amos, Herbierto, Nickolay, Barrister Terry Woodgate,

Just checking in.  I've missed our cat and mouse games.  Dangling digits of bank accounts, acting like I was going to buy your hamburger helper drugs, inviting you skiing in Colorado.  Photoshopping your pictures.  Even setting some of you up with one another.

I'd love to know what's going on with you guys.  Are you still ripping people off?  Do you have any moneymaking opportunities (plane crashes, ministries, dead relatives with $50 bills all up in their colons)?  Are you further ahead now, versus when we traded angry or annoyed emails. 

Are you excited about the big royal wedding?  Hope all is well.

Much Love,

Leonard Lemonpie,
Dr. Cuba N. Sandwich,
Red Devilham-Spread,
Rancington Van Mullenicks,
Jebediah O’Hurleywhirly,
Thomas Hondonshnockus,
Gus Doseflushington,
Juan Don Julio Sanchez,
May O. Nayse ,
Mr. Linda Kershaw,
Richard Dragon,
Thomas Von GumBase ,
Todd O'Hocketsmitch,
Mickovski Jaggerovich,
David Clementson Jr.,
Lance E. Antsyinmypantsy,
Pat Vanhattan,
Kenny Loggins

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