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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Post # 177 - McDonalds McBites - 5/1/2011

Dear McDonalds,

I’m dissatisfied with my recent purchase, your McBites, which are the McAnswer to KFC’s Popcorn Chicken.  It is my understanding that you’re test marketing these here in the Detroit area.  In a way, then, I’m a super hero, simultaneously a) helping you “get it right” before you go nationwide, and b) saving billions and billions of people from having a miserable experience. 

The chicken is tasty.    My complaint is sauce to chicken ratio.  With my son’s $.99 four piece, 2.3 ounce McNuggets, he gets the same amount of sauce, and it’s more sauce than he could ever use.  I feel the Catholic guilt, throwing half of it out. 

With my $2.99 regular size six ounce McBites, I get the very same 28 gram sauce cup.  This is great, for the first three or four ounces.  Then, no more sauce.  Just chicken.  Chicken by itself is great, if you’re expecting it.  Chicken by itself, after the sauce is all gone, is pure loneliness.  Look—I’m not Mr. Go-Crazy Dipper.  I saw the end coming, and started dipping less and less, to make it last. 

You need to provide more sauce.  Maybe one sauce for the snack size, two sauces for regular, and three for your jumbo size.  Think about it.  Let me know when it’s fixed, and I’ll be back.   



P.S. - Also, why not add some others—teriyaki, maybe a garlic parmesan, and a super hot one.  Not a “fast food” hot sauce, but a “wow—that really had some kick to it” hot.
From: McDonalds.Customer Care
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011
Subject: Message from McDonald's USA

Hello Jerry:

Thank you for contacting McDonald's. We always enjoy hearing from our valued customers, and I'm sorry you're disappointed in our test product, Chicken McBites.

To add variety to our menu, different McDonald's restaurants offer products for a limited time only throughout the year. Since these products are subject to change, your comments are especially appreciated and will be shared with our Menu Management department.

Again, thank you for sharing your feedback on this product with us. Your trust and satisfaction are important to us. We hope we have the opportunity to serve you soon under the Golden Arches.
McDonald's Customer Response Center

To: McDonald's Customer Care
Subject: RE: Message from McDonald's USA
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011


Thank you for taking up my cause and standing in unity with me.

When you attend the next "All McHands on Deck" with the coffee and bagels and dry erase boards, and you're aggressively making my point (because we're right), mention this:

1) The baker who sells a half-frosted cake doesn't have to bake for very long.

2) The pizzeria that only sauces half of their pies doesn't have to worry about repeat business.

3) The bike manufacturer who only uses half of his fasteners, may experience some negative word of mouth advertising.

Don't cut corners with your customers.  Don't take your customers for granted.  And always use the freshest ingredients.


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  1. OK...I'm glad I'm not the only only one that doesn't have enough sauce. My son got the same size & he claimed there was plenty of sauce...even offered to share. I supposed I could've taken him up on the offer, but who wants sweet and sour after honey mustard? Next time I'm asking for two pkgs of sauce.

  2. Why are they so protective of their sauces, but thing nothing about throwing eighteen ketchup packets in your bag?