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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Post# 252 - Ortega and Their Concealing Packaging

Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 10:44 PM
Subject: Ortega Contact - Broken Shells

Dear Ortega,

My most recent taco shell purchase was a disappointment. When I opened the box, several shells were broken, right along the seam. This was disappointing because once a taco shell is broken, you just can’t repair it. A broken taco shell is like a race horse with a busted leg. Had I known that the shells I purchased were broken, I would have selected a different box.
Why are your boxes opaque? When I buy your shells, how do I know the stock boy wasn't sitting on a pallet full of Ortega Taco Shell boxes, texting his baby mama? How do I know my box, the box that I selected from the shelf, wasn't being used as a bench only ten minutes prior?

When you go to a pet store, they don't keep the fish in an isolated, opaque crate. The store owners want you to see that the fish are alive and healthy. When you go to a jewelry store, they don't keep the ear-rings in a crate, and say, "This ring is 1.5 karats.  You'll just have to wait to get home to see for yourself."

Transparent packaging, I say. Why not? What are you hiding? Why wouldnâwouldn't a company want to show off their big, beautiful taco shells, so they can say "Hey world, these babies were intact when they left our plant."

It's a simple thing, but I think you can see where it would put me, the consumer, at ease.
What do you think?



Ortega's response, sent 6/26/11:

Dear Jerry,
We are so sorry to read of your disappointing purchase of our Ortega Taco Shells.  
As you can appreciate the shells are quite fragile and breakage can occur if the product 
is mishandled after production. 
To ensure the greatest level of protection, we have packaged them in the "Freshness Pack." 
This highly customized plastic tray helps prevent breakage by holding the shells in place, 
and also locks in freshness for a crispier, more flavorful product. Thank you for bringing
this to our attention so that we can investigate it and contact our sales and distribution 
manager. If possible, would you please email us the name and location of the store at which 
you purchased these shells and the Best By date/production code and UPC/bar code from the
We appreciate your suggestion to use a clear or opaque container, but exposure to light would adversely affect the flavor and shelf life of the shells. Your concerns will certainly be brought to the attention of our quality assurance and packaging managers. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you were caused. We hope you enjoy the complimentary Ortega product coupon we are sending you.
B&G Foods, Inc.
Corporate Consumer Affairs 
Subject: RE: Ortega Contact - Broken Shells
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 16:34:07 -0400

Christine, Thank you for responding so quickly. Thanks for the coupon--that wasn't my intent. I don't see this as an Ortega-only problem. I was hoping to solve the whole problem once and for all. What about a Frito-Lay Stax-style container with an oblong cross section? How about thickening the middle section (the weak point)?
Also, while I have you, how about a flat bottomed taco shell for ease of loading and pre-heating? I'm sure it's been reviewed and rejected due to packaging concerns. Check out my sketch. I hope I've helped in some way. Sincerely, Jerry --------------------------
Subject: RE: Ortega Contact - Broken Shells Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 08:47:26 -0400
Dear Jerry,
Thank you for your reply and constructive comments. Actually, our product development team has been looking at a number of the suggestions you’ve mentioned. We certainly appreciate your interest in this matter and your loyalty to Ortega products.
B&G Foods, Inc.

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