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Friday, March 8, 2013

Post # 297 - Subway No Longer Serves the Cheese With The Holes In It - 9/22/12

Dear Subway,

I see you've finally done it.  You have eliminated the cheese with the holes in it from your selection of fine cheeses.

I used to enjoy the nice "almost-barrier" that the cheese with the holes in it provided between the meats and the vegetable matter.  As I bit into the sandwich, a symphony of flavors came into play.  Meats on one side of my pallet, veggies on the other side, and cheese in the middle.  Then, as I would chew, some of the meat would mingle with the vegetable matter.   Some of the vegetable matter would mingle with the meat.  Boom!  Flavor explosion.

This was all made possible by the cheese with the holes, that you have stopped carrying.  So now the meat stays on one side, the vegetable matter stays on the other.  Like a divorced couple who refuses to vacate their  house.

Please bring back the cheese with the holes.




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